Established in 2006, the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Shelter Home is a home for women who have been subjected to violence, in need of shelter and services to provide refuge and ultimately help them transition into a healthy, safe, and normal life. The Shelter Home is located in Meerwala about 150 km from Multan, the most populated city of Southern Punjab Region of Pakistan. There is additionally a temporary refuge in Multan, before the women are relocated to Meerwala. The region is one of the most deprived areas in terms of human development, and the violence against women remains at an incredibly high prevalence rate.

Started from the bedroom of Mukhtar Mai in 2002, where the women survivors used to sleep on the floor beside her, the Shelter Home has now turned into a structured and maintained home with services available to the women. In less than six years, this nonprofit home has assisted hundreds of women, mostly survivors of domestic violence, rape, crimes in the name honour, child marriages, acid throwing, and forced and exchange marriages.

The facility can accommodate up to 40 women and 10 to 15 children at a time, and has been operating at full capacity since opening in 2006 as a shelter home. The Shelter Home provides immediate shelter, medical and legal aid, psychological counseling, rehabilitation, and access to media and justice system in coordination with Mukhtar Mai Women’s Resource Centre. The details of the services can be found to the right.

Legal Support

The women are provided with a lawyer to advocate their cases in the courts, as well as with other legal matters. The files are maintained for each resident by the staffin a safe and secure location. The residents are provided with transportation facility for pursuing their cases in the courts.

Shelter & Care

Upon entry into Shelter Home, each resident is provided with food, clothing, and daily commodities. The children accompanying their mother also avail of these facilities.

Long term support

Long-term support is available for the women who have been exposed to violence. In some cases, this support may have to continue for a year or more. After leaving a violent relationship, many women may undergo psychic crises and depression, and it is important to make long-term therapy available to such women free of charge.


The Shelter Home provides the battered women with medical treatment and psychological counseling that respond to respond to both the physical and mental violence the women have endured. MMWO has close relations with a hospital as well as clinic doctors in case of complicated health issues (pregnancy complications & deliveries etc.) as well as required medical tests.

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