Resource Centre

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Resource Center was established in 2008 and is based in Meerwala. The Women’s Resource Centre provides following services and facilities:

Resource Centre office provides reception and intake services to the survivors of violence. MMWWO estimates 400 to 500 intakes of cases every year at the Centre.

The staff prepares necessary documentation and files of each complaint and shall refer the cases to the relevant departments of MMWWO e.g. for legal aid, shelter, medical treatment,psychological support etc and also refers cases to various state departments e.g. Land department, police etc.

During 2007, MMWWO has provided legal & para aid and shelter to at least 479 cases of women through Mukthar Mai Women’s Resource Centre and Shelter Home. The cases of women’s rights violations included domestic violence, rape, murder, forced & child marriage, acid burning, abduction, police highhandedness.

The cases which didn’t involve the litigation were referred to various government departments and institution for redress e.g. police station to register FIR, Land department for issues related to land etc.

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